BracePlus™  is a post-operative sternal support band designed to assist patient recovery following cardiothoracic surgery. By keeping the sternum supported, BracePlus™ allows patients to mobilise easily and cough more deeply, which in turn could help speed up the recovery process.

The easy-to-adjust sternal support band ensures that the chest and healing sternum are supported at all times without restricting normal breathing. Once medical staff have introduced BracePlus™ to the patient, it can be used with confidence throughout their hospital recovery and at home following hospital discharge.


 BracePlus™ sternal support band is available in 2 adjustable sizes


arrowReduces stress on the sternal closure.

shieldProtects the integrity of the surgical wound.

tick Provides patients with the confidence to cough deeply.

clockEncourages early mobilisation to speed up recovery.

timerHelps patients regulate pain management.


Product  G+N Code 
Small/Medium  301001 
Large  301002 


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