ThorAcc® is a simple non-invasive device developed to assist sternal closure.  Traditionally, closing the sternum has required manual handling from surgical assistants which is particularly challenging especially in obese patients. G+N’s ThorAcc® sternal closure system is ideal for cardiothoracic surgery.

ThorAcc® sternal closure system:
  • Aids control of sternal closure.
  • Facilitates uniform alignment of the divided sternum.
  • Reduces the force required to pull and tighten sternal wires.
  • Reduces risks of additional trauma due to the ‘cheese wire’ effect.
  • Helps to equalise pressure on all sternal wires.
  • Reduces the risks associated with manual handling by staff.
  • Maintains patient position during sternal wiring.



Controlled inflation of sectioned air cells allows the shoulders and sides to be pushed upwards and inwards.


ThorAccOpenThis in turn helps to reduce the force required when tightening the wires to bring the sternal edges together and ensures a more controlled and uniform alignment.





ThorAcc-CloseTwo sets of paired air cells are used to facilitate closure for all body sizes giving controlled and uniform alignment.

Item Number  Product Description 
311012  ThorAcc Hand Controller 
312000  ThorAcc Inflatable 
313000  ThorAcc Tubing 

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